I’m ashamed of many things.

But what I’m most ashamed of is calling myself a copywriter.


Because a copywriter is someone who can write anything that will provoke action.

They can sell houses, cars, heck they can even make you line up for hours, just to buy the latest iPhone.

And who the hell am I?

To call me a freelance copywriter, I’ll boast to the world that I write copy for billion-dollar companies that make millions in revenue every year.

Yes, that is true. I do have those clients.


I’ve only crafted 5-figure copy for my own business.

Is that even good enough?

Not everyone who reads my work likes it.

Some think my copy lacks a spine, others think its too long.

The harshest review I have gotten was that they blamed me for wasting their precious time for reading till the end.

But, one day, I learned… That it might be a good thing, after all.

Because if my message talks to everyone. I’m virtually talking to no one. That means I’m not digging deep enough to understand a pain point that only my audiences have.

Does my work lack a spine? That means I’m willing to be bold and experiential with my writing. Isn’t it better to try new things all the time instead of sticking with your ‘gold standard’ of what works?

They’re mad at me because they read till the end? Even better, because each line of the copy did its intended job. To trigger an emotional impulse in the reader. That is where purchases are made.

I learned to realise there is value in my copy. And I should not discredit my hard work and effort just because some people don’t like it. There will always be a copywriter out there that writes better, sells more and is more experienced than me. Should that be a discouragement for me to stop pursuing something I really love?

I don’t know who needs to hear this but stop doubting yourself and your talents. Find something you enjoy, be good at it, double down on your effort and patience without looking back. Be ‘so good until they can’t ignore you’ and watch as you take the world by storm.

Lots of Love,

P.S. A copywriter is one who can make you read until the very end, in the hope that you’ll take a specific action. Are you going to do something today, or just laze around and delay achieving your dreams? 🥺🤩

Unshakable optimist. I love the idea of tying words together to create a story. Copywriter | Online Marketer.